Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ends and begins

My life is a list of ends and begins right now. Here is the list:
*new carpet last Monday - i've decided that the only thing better than carpet under your feet is soft grass under your feet
*i've begun a head cold as we've ended the hard parts of remodeling the new house
*the end of the Kindergarten school-year is nigh - our little end-of-the-year celebration is thursday
*i see the end of school and it looks green and warm and grassy
*i've ended the worry over "what will become of me?" I, of course, was made for teaching, but being here in my happy place gives me a kind of peace in whatever situation i'm coming across lately...wonder how long it'll last :)
*i've applied to a new Kindergarten position
*our new chickens are laying left and right, but Big Mama is still the queen hen...she says.
*i rarely have time to write here, as you've noticed, but i always am thinking of things to say
*we are all, finally, sleeping in our own rooms - nothing like a little privacy and quiet to make you feel settled
*the children have begun to set up their little rooms - Emma's bright yellow and my son's a warm like their personalities
*I see the sunrise every single morning and watch the slow movement of the sunset every single night - what a lucky lucky lucky girl I am...on second thinking, I really should say that I am a blessed girl.


sarah said...

I am so happy for you, this all sounds so wonderful (except for the head cold). I hope you get a nice new job :-) Is your dd's name Emma? It's a beautiful name.

katiebird said...

Yes! Emma is my daughter. Ethan is my son. I chose very old-fashioned names and thought I was being so singular...turns out that the years I named them, those were the most popular U.S. boy and girl names! Ahhh well...:)

Christine Crocker said...

just now, there are beautiful long stemmed deep purple lilacs are "drooped glimeringly" beside me as I write and I can't help but breathe in their fragrance and think, yes indeed, you are a very very blessed girl, indeed...

thank you for them.they are just beautiful.

we're so very happy for you ALL.
love you galaxies,

katiebird said...

Oh mama! I just love when you comment on here :) truly love it!

sarah said...

Yes, I am very aware that Emma is the number one girl's name in the *entire world*. No kidding. I checked. Shame, because it is such a lovely classic name. I blame Friends.