Thursday, May 19, 2011

new things

in the mornings
the world seems flat
tilting east for the sunrise

my world awakens in light
wet and green and limey
opening, expending arms
clouds glow on deeper days

chippering birdies pop at the ends of blossom'd branches
letting early wind
jounce them
as they sing their odes to morning light

when the world tilts west
the orange ball zests
across the backside of a faraway
tree and barn and farmhouse

standing up from the perfect dirt
brushing hands across the seat of my jeans
head down looking at rows of promise
i finally look up at the tilt

with wonder eyes
staying still for the moments as it changes
until the color is closest to eggplant
then i must turn off the hose
and go back inside


a friend asked about where I got my seeds,
and they were from Splendid Seeds dot com - truly beautiful seed packets, too.


sarah said...

Your words are seeds, growing things in my heart.

katiebird said...

Sarah, you are a dear - that was SO kind coming from such a beautiful word-seamstress as you.

Kamana said...

wordseamstress ... i love that term! and i think they both fit sarah and you perfectly.

Kerri said...

I'm loving the sound of rows of promise!