Sunday, May 29, 2011


What things do I know to be true? Sarah at Knitting the Wind was asking and it made me think that sounded like a nice thing to write about.

In the end, the only truth I can really tell is about what I know about me. I cannot even tell you what the truth is for my son or my daughter. I think I know how they'll act in certain situations, or what they'll like for their birthdays, but they are such wide-open creations I can only guess at the truths that are in their hearts. Maybe one day, when they are grown and have thought about such things, they'd like to share it with me and we can compare our Truth Notes...I'd love that so much.

I know that I feel most at home in the wide-open Earth that is full of large animals that run and buck and eat grasses.
I know that the simple things make many people happy - I do know those who do not really know what makes themselves happy, and that makes me feel sad for them.
I know that anything worth having I've had to RUN towards, most of the time up a hill and down again, over palm-slicing rocks and heart-squeezing ravines and that there were countless times when I could've given up and sadly walked back to a more comfortable path and a moderately happy existence.
I know that it isn't just enough to Love someone to keep them happy or safe or around.
I know that I do not choose how anyone else will react or feel.
I know that the only one I have any real power over is myself.
I know that any one religion in its entirety does not work for me. I do not know what the TRUTH is, but I have the strongest feeling that its feet and hands and heart are made of pure love.
I know that my children are wholly formed human beings whom I've been given to teach about the world, and I do my best teaching when I ask them questions instead of filling them up with what I know.
I know that there is as much excitement and wonder for me when the wind pulls those tiny wish umbrellas from a dandelion as there is for someone else about space exploration or new developments in brain research.
I know that no matter of love and attention and reassurance that was lavished on me ever made me better in the core of me, until I learned to love myself and give myself attention and reassurance.
I know that the essence of my grandmother lives with me still, and if that means ghosts or energy or whatnot, I do not know...but I KNOW she lives with me.

I know that there is not ONE issue I could stand up and organize a rally for with 100 percent of my being, because I'd always be able to see the other side just enough to make that 100 percent impossible. That is not to say that I do not feel strongly about 101 subjects, only that I'm always able to see the other possibility, which would make me want to reason it out with the "other side" and see how they are feeling, and since that is not how governments or politics work, I stay away from it. Too bad that the governments I'm familiar with do not know how to change or seriously consider a new way of thinking...I'd more likely want to charge into Congress with a fragile bird egg and get them all to watch it hatch in front of their eyes and then say, " you SEE?" and in my dreams they all SEE it and change the way they do things. If that makes no sense, I do not blame you.

I know that prayer works. I do not know HOW prayer works, but I have strong thoughts on the subject.

The things I do not know outweigh what I think I know by millions of pounds (which is probably quite heavy if we are weighing thoughts).


ari said...

hello, i've just popped over from your link over at sarah's place.

'In the end, the only truth I can really tell is about what I know about me.'

i so agree with this :-)
some beautiful thoughts you've shared here.. i've really enjoyed reading your perspective.

sarah said...

I love these and agree with you so much, it blesses me to know there is a sharing of truth - that I don't go by a rulebook or a bible or a code, and still I can see my truth in the truths of another person, and that suggests something divine, coalescing, to me.

I too would find it hard to come up with an issue I'd rave about with 100% certainty in public. I feel very strongly about some things, very very, but I can always find some sympathy for the other side. Well, maybe not for genocidal maniacs or Gaddafi's soldiers and what they're doing to women right now, but you know.

Thank you so much for this post.

Garden of Rambles said...

Thank you for this.