Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Saturday Found

A few hours with a seldom seen friend, who lives the nearest...I am ALWAYS reminded how beautiful is her soul, how kindred her humor, and how thoughtful her advice. When I got home, the kids were playing in the warm, light rain and it made me so happy.
My laundry on the line gives me so much satisfaction.
Here is what I played in this afternoon. Remember that neighbor who came over and rototilled up our garden? Here it is...ready to go...I found my special ordered seeds and got to planting. I planted: Artichokes, squash, broom corn, sunflowers for eating, sweet annie, red and blue flax, tomatoes, Honesty, feverfew, Echinacea, and I forget what all...

Now that I am in the house, it just started pouring and pouring, and I got to thinking about how perfect it is here. I plant the garden and it rains hard enough to water

I realize I don't have anything profound to say these days. These are the homey days. Everyday I think about how my chickens are doing and what mouse or bird the kitties are eating. I think about if the garden is planted and whether the flower beds are watered. I watch the sky in wonder and completeness. I put my feet in the dirt and feel an everyday spirituality coming over me. Living IN my reverence for divinity. That is something I didn't count on, it calmly surprises me (if that is a possibility, it is how I feel).


sarah said...

I think this is a wonderfully profound post. I am so joyous for you having found such happiness and home. Your seeds sound fabulous! I hope they all grow well.

Lesley Austin said...

This is very lovely, Katie. I am so happy for you. Your clothesline is very satisfying to look I will be able to "see" you there, hanging out your wash.

Those seed packets look very pretty...could you let us know what company they come from?

Wishing you strength,


paperbird said...

this is so wonderful katie. your life on the farm sounds so beauitful.
sweet blessing to you.