Monday, June 20, 2011

coming along

This last week in my mailbox came this wonderful soy candle...
and this entire box full of cleaning supplies from Melaleuca...

It is all very exciting for our little family - we don't get giant boxes in the mail often! I have been so impressed by the cleaning products for about 5 years or so, and finally decided to completely change our home's cleaning supplies with Melaleuca supplies!! Amazingly good for our family, and for the earth and they work like nothing else I've ever used.
I've been playing with the schoolroom...I asked my son what he wanted the school room to have and he said, "Well, I guess it should have Math posters and things hanging up." I said, "Why?"
" don't have to have that?"
"Okay then, what I really want is a place to take apart mechanical things and make my own things out of the parts!"
"We can do that!"
"Coooool!!!!! Wow, mom. You'll be the best teacher, ever!!"

When I asked my daughter what she wanted in her schoolroom, she drew me a picture:
She says that the drawing on the left is of a project table with papers and glue, scissors and colors. "Yes, we can do that, Emma."
"But, Emma, what is that castle for?"
"Oh, and I want a castle that has stairs that I can climb."
"Ummm, I'll do my best on that one, Emma."


sarah said...

We love tea tree oil, we use it for everything here.

I too want a castle that has stairs I can climb. Sounds like the perfect schoolroom to me!

melissa said...

that's what my son wants (and has). this past year we endured grade 1 of public school by transforming the dining room into the building room. well, it has evolved from there, but you know what i mean :)