Monday, June 13, 2011

the gathering

i've been gathering up my imagination and learning to watch for what truly interests my children:

stories told without books
stories read without pictures
making little worlds
making big worlds
touching ideas
being in the wind and the rain and the tall grasses
spontaneous learning
my son loves to create mechanisms
he also loves to take apart and fix mechanisms
my daughter loves to nurture
she also loves horses

i'm gathering my thoughts and emotions about my children:
precious, beautiful sweetpeas
entrusted to my husband and I to do our best with

i want her to have more time for this - as she was making a little home for her tiny bunny family, she was singing a song she'd made up that went something like, "Fiddle-I-Fiddle-I-fee"

i've been moving things to the new school room, and will have the children help me put it together later. I imagine lots of baskets and natural elements. Open and serene, ongoing projects and cozy spaces. I'm interested in a big cork board for putting up our work and books, books, books (all usable and used). I imagine our cupboards full of REAL art supplies.

i've been most inspired by these places:

I'm sure I'll find more to share is all just a beginning.

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Kerri said...

Oh I can't wait to see it finished!