Monday, June 27, 2011


my days are filled with

painting bathrooms
painting laundry rooms
basic chores
getting help with basic chores
chicken coop doors
a plethora of eggs
garden maintenance
garden maintenance
garden maintenance
(there are three)
finishing a class that is due in August
learning how to fix an old sewing machine
so I can make curtains and pillows and other such
making breakfasts
making lunches
making dinners
cleaning up after breakfasts
cleaning up after lunches
cleaning up after dinners
trying to put together a schoolroom
gathering curriculum
reading everything Waldorf and coming to the conclusion that there should be moderation in all
things or else I'll go crazy
reading books and quickly giving them up when they don't touch me like they should at the
writing uninspiring blog posts without pictures because I am feeling uninspired


lifelearning said...

katiebird, i can relate. my mind is needing organization yet wanting to escape organization at the same time. i've been contemplating our next adventure while trying to keep up with the current one, which is always at play. you know, feeding and cleaning can take the whole day if i let it! i just set up a private weblog with my oldest to record our wanderings through 2nd grade at home. please keep posting even when you are feeling uninspired. you inspire me.

adie said...

well this inspires me! :-)