Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a little time

i took a little time today just for me
i wandered around an antique store, and just because I could, I filled my arms with numerous goodies and then deftly walked back around 3 or 4 times and put them all back
then i found the vintage school supplies and my eyes got big and i filled my arms up again
i found the best dictionary for my son and a picture dictionary for my daughter
i found a 4th grade reader with interesting little stories in it
and a sweetly illustrated (a la Dick and Jane) 1st grade reader as well
i know that will not be the sum or even an eight of the reading i will do with them, but i liked the idea of having something i knew for sure was at their grade level, seeing as they had just finished a typical American school education *sigh*

I'll come back to that.

anyway, i found myself at a second hand store with a doll-sized washboard for $1!!! Emma was big-eyed and so happy i'd found something like that for her dolly. in my opinion her Waldorf dolly should have more clothes, and what better way for her to wash them :)
i also found four wooden bowls, shaped like pears, that i will use for math time...have you EVER heard of Math Gnomes?! OH. MY. GOODNESS. I cannot wait to show you, if you don't know what they are. My daughter will love them, and I think my son could get in on it, too...

so onward with my time alone today: i took myself off to my new library (since moving I have a new library, which I found quite peaceful and soo much bigger than my last library), and of course, I found some new reading for me (The Soul Thief and its sequel The Witches Kitchen), a new night time chapter book for the family (I'm going to take us on a trip to Narnia this summer) and a couple of choices for the children as well (pretty summer picture books for sissy and a book in a trilogy about magicians and silver spiders and a boy named Gwin for Ethan).

 i am in charge of my children, and thank the goddess it is possible for me to teach them at home.
My kids are more than excited. I have been DREAMING about it, and really should be doing laundry and dishes, but can't seem to.

i also can't think of anything wise or heart-changing to say these days, as my mind is on our new classroom and what we will do there. anyway, thank you for sticking with me through all my changes and if my few readers would only, please, keep encouraging me, I'd be ever so grateful!


sarah said...

It's all so wonderful!! As for maths gnomes - yes! I used to make felt gnomes and rainbow-coloured fleece fairies, sell them, give them away, oh how I loved them! My very scientific, pragmatic dd played with them until she was 11.

Have you read http://www.elizabethfoss.com/serendipity/ Some lovely ideas there. Your mention of the maths gnomes made me think of it. I wish I could remember the other places and books to which I went to get practical advice on how to actually implement these methods in wonderful ways ... here is a good weblog, lots of lovely ideas: http://twiningoaks.blogspot.com/

Love and courage to you!

melissa said...

ok, wow. we really are of the same mind about education right now. i'm so glad i found your blog because i will be "homeschooling" as soon as my first grader gets released from public first grade (june 24)! i am not a teacher and tend toward disorganization, but i feel so good about taking this leap into learning with my children. thank you for posting on this topic.

katiebird said...

@ Sarah/Adie, thank you!!! I can't wait to look at those links in more depth.
@ Melissa, it feels so nice to have someone agree with me :) let's keep in contact about homeschooling!