Monday, June 27, 2011

a summer rhythm

there is a gentle beating of a heart in these roses
I do not know where they came from
and the sweet lady who lived here before us
told me, "oh honey, we didn't have any roses."
when I asked her about them

they are sweet and small and profuse
the bush is as big as a couch

gentle breezes come each morning and each night
and I love to watch them play at the laces on my windows

We are eating the lettuce and spinach from our garden now
and it is sweet and thick

the summer has found its rhythm and now we are finding ours
the children each get one wooden bowl full of chores that must be completed by the end of the day. We know they are done when they've moved the pretty piece of card from the "to-do" bowl, to the "done" bowl. They must also pick a "sometimes" chore from the basket; only one of those a day. they were very excited to get to move the strips during the day. It was all so gentle and easy today with that. There were a few opportunities between all their play times when I would ask them to go look in their chore bowl for a few they'd like to do right now.
Our night time routine is so much smoother now as well. An hour before bed we all go around the house picking up our own things, then mommy reads, then something together on the tv, bathroom routines and in bed.

*thank you so much, Adie, for the article you suggested on 9-year-olds - my husband and I have benefited from it tremendously!!! We feel so much more confident and calm with our son...a little space, consistency and a lot less nit-picking seems to help the most*

I took a picture of this kitty who came with the farm
this was the sweet lady's kitty - we named him Fatty Tatty (poor tatty)
He is nice, but he isn't really our kitty.
I am missing our little kitty today
we think that somehow Itsy Bitsy fell out of a tree in the early morning hours
when I heard him screaming (ever heard that? it woke me out of a dead sleep)
and then he went running under an outbuilding.
when we finally got him out and he wasn't good
we got him to the vet, and he has a broken paw and
something wrong on the inside...we are waiting to hear

poor kitty - he isn't happy anymore with how the summer is turning out -

but here I am with my feet in the dark brown earth of my garden
thankful for what is going well
and praying for what is broken


Garden of Rambles said...

Such a lovely post.Thank you.

adie said...

I love the chore bowl! But I am very sorry to read about your cat and hope he recovers quickly.