Tuesday, June 28, 2011


my kitty is home

in the early morning hours he fell
from the top of our old willow tree
he broke off a tooth
broke a paw
cut up his mouth
is bruised
and drugged up

but he is home
and he'll get better

it is not so strange, the depths of love and worry and responsibility we can feel for furry little troublemakers like Bitsy...when he is not able to stand, and can only throw his weight left or right, falling, to get from one place to another, and he chooses to throw himself up into my lap in pain and confusion, it melts my heart...


adie said...

Poor thing. There is something so pathetic and sympathetic about the word "paw", don't you think. It brings to mind the smallness of the animal. Which it shouldn't, of course, considering lions ... but to get to the point, I am sorry for your kitty's pain, and hope he recovers soon. (((Bitsy)))

katiebird said...

I hope he gets better soon, too...he keeps having little kitty dreams where his leg in its cast is something he must fight away with the other three good legs...all I can do is calm him and stay up with him so i can help him get to the potty and drinks and some more pain meds in the middle of the night...that is funny about paws, because it makes me think of pathetic, sympathetic things, too...despite bears and lions, too.

melissa said...

i feel like the kitty this morning.