Friday, June 10, 2011

this is how it's going to be

Tonight I wrote in a notebook I'd not finished, but had written notes from a favored book in (Confessions of a Pagan Nun):

"Sitting in the sunset like a young girl, muddy from before when I traipsed through a creek with children...dreaming of my future, my forthcoming.
My children are laughing and playing together. They play a game of putting a pillow case over a head and leading the blind one through things and around things, and I'm struck with the care they are taking with each other as they lead: 'Watch out, there is something big coming. Uh oh, be careful of this step.' I am also struck with the absolute trust from the one being led: 'teeheeeee teeeehee heeee. This is fuuuun!'

Then I wrote down my main goals for this next year:


*Problem Solving
*In-Depth learning

and when I'd written this, I got up, dusted myself off and went inside. That's the sum of it for today. The details come later. This was the most important reckoning.


sarah said...

oh, how wonderful! :-)

Love should always come at the top of any list of educational goals, I reckon!

melissa said...

i just want to say i am happy to find your beautiful blog. knitting the wind is just so beautiful that i felt inspired to start writing a very small, beginner's sort of blog, and now i am adding your beautiful space to the top of my short reading list. thank you.