Thursday, July 14, 2011

along our street

we met so many beautiful four-legged neighbors this evening:
these gorgeous long-horned cattle

a very curious little white horse and a duck in flight

a whole pasture full of angus cattle chewing away

Can you believe this barn at the end of our road? You can't tell, but it is
a dark green. Isn't it magnificent? Lucky ducks...

and then I looked back and saw the side of our red barn, and our little chicken coop
and I sighed (*sigh*, just like that) - I can't hardly believe we live here sometimes.
I'm absolutely in love with our little place.
It feels like a new toy I keep getting out every day, and haven't been tired of playing with yet.
My heart was home when I married my husband and then when we had our two children,
but the rest of me came home when we moved in here.
Amen, amen, and amen.


Lil Brother said...

Wow, your new place is awsome, Lil B and I can't wait to be there, and only 2 hours away, instead of three!!

Lil Brother said...

Awsome place!!!, Lil B and I can't wait to get there, and now only 2 hours instead of three! See you there soon!!

katiebird said...

Little Brother!! Yeah!! See you soon!

adie said...

You live in such a beautiful neighbourhood - but my favourite photograph is the last one, and I am trying not to envy you :-)

mindy said...

just beautiful