Saturday, July 23, 2011

pioneer playhouse

I almost decided to finish painting all of the trim in the schoolroom on this warm, beautiful day...
I'm SO glad I realized what was the most important part of education...not trim paint, that's for sure.

Instead, Eme and I decided to make a play house - with only old-fashioned things. We drug the old water trough over to the side yard and scrubbed it out.
really scrubbed it out

We started setting out things we wanted to play with in the side yard.

The little washboard I bought last year, the child-sized antique laundry basket, a little basket of clothes pins, a wooden bowl and some dirty clothes to wash...then I started really raiding the house for good stuff...

We needed a little shade, so we rigged up some wire and a lace-edged bed skirt for a canopy...see our old kitty wanted to play, too.
Eme got to washing, and boy did she love it! She washed three little loads of clothes,

and hung them here to dry, in a place where we'd strung up more wire for a laundry line.

This little praying mantis came to visit...he crawled around all of our little things for awhile, until we noticed we didn't see him anymore. He was fun to watch and inspect for awhile, though.

I've had three sheaves of broom corn for a year or so, and we decided to harvest the seed. We rubbed and picked and smacked off all the seeds on this sheet, then saved the seeds in a tea tin and made a little broom for our house out of what was left.

Emma took a bath in the "tub" after about three or four bucket's full of hot water and one of cold. She sat on a towel, so it'd be more comfy, and grandma (of course we invited grandma cause she likes to play pioneer house, too) ran and got a rose off the bush and threw rose petals in her bath. When she got out, she said it was, "So refreshing!" and then put on the clothes she had washed and dried earlier.

Here is our little pioneer house when we'd raided our real house and barn and outbuildings for anything old-fashioned or pioneer-house looking. Our little bath house has sheets and laces strung around it for privacy. We've put up an old screen door for our kitchen...
When my son and husband came home from a trip, they played in it right away and improved it as well. Now our kitchen is well-stocked with antique blue jars filled with things like peanut butter, crackers, sesame-honey almonds, and dried cranberries. My husband set up a brick pad and put our little fire pit on top of it, and we had dinner out there.
The children are both sleeping out there in sleeping bags tonight, watching the stars together.

It is such an inspirational, free-play that each of us is able to contribute to and feel good about. I have so many ideas for the house...and so do the kids! So much fun, and SO much more fun than painting trim :)


mindy said...

this is wonderful! wish we could come to your "school". such an inspiration :)

adie said...

love this so much.

softearthart said...

Oh so cool, real pioneering stuff, great pictures, cheers Marie