Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the seashore

these are what I'm reading these days - two to settle my homeschooling heart,
one to hear a kindred spirit, and one that is fascinating and inspiring me to teach about the seashore.
published in 1929 by Little, Brown and Company, The Burgess Seashore Book for Children by Thornton W. Burgess is a collection of many little stories told from the prospective of Graywing the Gull, Danny Meadow Mouse and Reddy Fox (among others). The animals tell about the seashore from their perspectives in these little stories such as "Reddy Fox Meets Big Claw", "The Innocent Looking Drillers", "Pa Stickleback Does His Duty" and "The Ink Maker".
Included in each story is at least one very accurate, beautiful full-color plate of the animal that was told about in the story.

Besides having a really great dedication page...
Here is what the preface says:
"The seashore has a natural history all its own. It has been my experience that few of the host who seek the seashore every summer have the slightest acquaintance with the life of the beach, the rocks and the salt marshes. I recall how, as a boy, I was forever picking up things on the shore and asking 'What is this?' and 'What is that?' and never finding out. The Sand Dollar I knew as such. No one ever told me that it was an Urchin. I suspect that it is much the same way with the children of to-day.
"It is to meet what seems to me a real need that this volume has been prepared. It makes no pretense of being more than it really is, --an introduction to the life of the seashore. Like its predecessors in this series --the Burgess Bird Book for Children, the Burgess Animal Book for Children and the Burgess Flower Book for Children-- it is intended to be at once a storybook and a handbook within its limitations.
"...It covers those things most likely to catch the eye and the interest of a child and does this in a way to make identification easily possible. It is hoped that it will arouse sufficient interest to lead the reader to desire to know more and to seek that knowledge in more scientific and complete works.

Now how is that for humble and honest?
I admire the man already.

I am SO excited to be working on some wonderful activities to go with the stories in this book. We've planned a trip to the beach at the end of this month, and this will bring these stories so close. I am looking forward to the little moments with the stories at the seashore.

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adie said...

How marvellous! The Burgess books are so wonderful. And well, I love Waldorf education.