Sunday, July 10, 2011

little bits

the days are stringing together like embroidery
carefully worked
lovingly strung
filled with bits of time with family
bits of time with friends
lazy mornings
long moments in the garden two or three times a day

and this funny little story that is growing
like vines in my head

about a girl growing up in a rock pile
where the air is always cold and blue
she eats mutton-potato soup every day
while she listens to stories of old sorrows
that she will never be able to fix

until the day she begins walking
along a dusty road that edges out of the frowsy city
her tired scratched legs begin to go faster and faster
until she is running away through a forest
dark and close
her chest is heaving, her brow is dripping
her skin is thawing and she begins to feel her heart beating
and she comes suddenly
into a lime-green meadow
blowing with dandelion fluff

she is afraid someone from the city
might come drag her back
so she crawls right into the center of the million stems
and makes herself as small as she can
lying down
hugging her slight body
trying to keep all of her new feelings

yes, stories and sunshine


adie said...

Ah, so beautiful. You make me smile with these lovely heart-full words.

katiebird said...

thank you, Adie :) My story took me over one day when I had all sorts of other things to do, and it was going so fast, I almost didn't want to write it seemed too taxing...but it came like a responsibility, and I just wanted you to know that when you talk of your writing coming to you like that, I understand it...which is often why I try to take my blogging more lightly, otherwise, I think if I took it too seriously, I might never do it again...know what I mean?

mindy said...

i had been waiting for your next post, katiebird, and this is just so so beautiful. i love it. so much.

yes, let's travel lightly :)

katiebird said...

Oh, thank you, Mindy :) that is so encouraging!