Wednesday, July 13, 2011

summer night

I couldn't resist the sunset reflected in my barn window
nor could I resist this:

Imagine, please, that you can hear two children in that tent
laughing and speaking low
happy to be together
happy that their daddy rigged up this light
happy to be in the fenced in side-yard
happy to be right under our bedroom window
happy to have flashlights - one each
happy, happy, happy

this is always irresistible: the moon in all her abundance. It makes me want to share an old poem I'd written about her for you:

Last night, unveiled
rounded and gleaming
forever becoming with shining feet dancing from the last
with silver grace
standing before her in sharp relief
saw-edged obsidian trees
illuminating and softening
forever wise to who is watching
still pouring forth the light of Who She Is
dancing through each age
proud and serene
and generous


adie said...

wonderful poem! thank you for sharing it with us. and lucky children!

ari said...

a beautiful poem!

i remember that feeling of happy adventure..close to, in a tent as a child. thanks for sharing and invoking those sweet memories :-)

haha! i've also just remembered the first time we ventured farther from home to camp as a children..our parents came to tell us it might be a blustery night and were we ok.. we were concerned the tent might blow away.. but the groundsheet we were sleeping on was sown in..there was no chance of that lol.

katiebird said...

Thank you, Ari & Adie *blush*
I use to camp out on the lawn with my brother every single summer as well! So we have really fond memories of it :) It is so funny (now, anyway) what we might've been afraid of happening when we were little! I was afraid that earwigs would actually climb into my ears...ewww!!!

mindy said...

happiness in children has got to be one of the best things in life. don't you agree? i loved the tent!!!

katiebird said...

Mindy, I DO agree! Happy children, that's the best :)