Friday, July 15, 2011

to be a farmgirl

do you know what it means to be a farmgirl?
do you know that it begins in your heart?
it is a personality trait.

I am a farmgirl.

if you love the chink chink chink of the irrigation lines in the summer,
if you adore old barns for their practical, sturdy help,
if you talk sweetly to your chickens and bring them armfuls of weeds from the garden as treats,
if your heart wells up when you've made a meal where more than half of the ingredients were from your garden or something you raised,
if you reuse old things to make new things out of,
if you are handy with a hammer,
if you can drive by for-sale tractors and dream of owning them,
if you worry over the weather,
if you print out pictures of pigs that are not your own,
if you know how to fix almost anything with bailing twine or wire,
if you do your own canning, sewing and candle-making,
if your work clothes are irrigation boots and a kitchen apron,
if you study over books on raising a dairy goat,
if you love nothing better than to walk through an overgrown pasture
and find yourself sitting down and hiding among the sweet grasses
and you hear a cow lowing and a calf answering
and you find a little tear coming from the corner of one eye,

you probably have something of a farmgirl in you, too.


Christine Crocker said...

ahhhh....being a farmgirl is the BEST of all afflictions...a true condition of the heart...there is no cure..nor is one wanted or needed.
Whether you are born to it or your soul is deeply longing for it, it is simply known as having "dirt in your blood".

loving this so much,
love you,ma

adie said...

I love this post. But Katie, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes (and there is no way to describe that without sounding foolish, trite, cliched.) How can you put my name there with those great poets? You should not, you must not. It means more than I can ever say that you have - but really, I do not compare.

katiebird said...

Adie!! Of course I can put you there. You make me gasp at your turns of phrases...I feel like taking apart your writing machine and seeing what tension your thread is set and making are an amazingly gifted writer, and you DO belong with those people. They were and are just people, too. And of course you don't compare!! None of them compare to each other. They are each, YOU included, are a completely different kind of light shining - one is a candle in a musty room, one is a lighthouse, one is the tiny bit of sun as it begins to sit over a hill, another is like a kerosene lantern on a porch filled with family...see, you belong :)

adie said...

aww, thank you :-)

so which kind of light am I? ;-) You for me are the sunlight which reflects off an unexpected flower. My last name is Elwell, by the way.

I would love to tell more about how I write, but that would seem ... I want to say unhumble, but that's not a word!

mindy said...

i agree with katiebird about putting adie's name with great poets (and please pardon me for intruding here)

mindy said...

oh, and katiebird, i wish i could bring my children to visit this farm! lovely

katiebird said...

Let's see...which kind of light are you? Do you know how the top of the sea might glitter sometimes? That is almost it...but you have also been that light that is shining behind a bank of clouds, making the sky behind the clouds so bright and luminous, but the cloud itself is made richer and deeper and darker on this side the opposite the sun? You are that, too. You have also been the surprise sunrise when you didn't know you'd stayed up that long. Is that too much?

adie said...

Awww, again :-)

Anonymous said...

i just came by your blog and saw your post being a farmgirl....i live in a small country town in victoria, australia.......and this post and your beautiful words sing to my heart and resonate with me deeply....i am in an apartment in the city for a couple of weeks and i miss my farm ::((( i miss the singing owls at night, the moo of our cows, the gallop of our horses the cool mist in the morning the purr of our pussy cat and the greeting from our loving gum trees....i am glad that i have come across your blog which is now bookmarked a favorite Hristina ::)))

katiebird said...

@Mom - isn't it though! You are one through and through.
@Mindy - kids and farms are the best together!
@Hristina - how wonderful! I'm so glad you happened to come by here!