Thursday, July 21, 2011

what i want

Oh how I want to be able to do everything I can do at this school, which is only one state away:

Or this one that is IN my state:

I have a new goal in teaching and that is to be an educator, not an instructor. I was taught to be an instructor, with maybe one class or one teacher who said, "Light fires, don't fill buckets."

If you've never stepped over here to read this from me, I invite you to. I wrote this WAAAYYY before I read anything on Waldorf education - back when I thought it was some sort of frilly, willy nilly idea. It has now become a conviction. Why not?!


mindy said...

what is holding you back from doing the necessary waldorf training?

i absolutely fell in love with our waldorf school in ri. my oldest went there for early childhood. then public school for first grade. to be blunt, we hated the public school. now- homeschooling with ongoing wondering about going back to waldorf.

adie said...

I think that's wonderful, and I am amazed that you are relatively new to Waldorf, as I always assumed you were an old hand at it! I have this vague dream of becoming a primary school teacher and bringing as many Waldorf values as I can into the classroom - the atmosphere, the storytelling. I sense it would be hard work. And hugely compromised by the need to reach those bizarre, artificial common standards they place on little children now. I dont know it could be done, actually. But even a little bit of it would improve the lives of schoolchildren.