Tuesday, August 02, 2011

divine curriculum

"What we might see as a problem is looked at differently when we recognize that every event is part of a divine curriculum, set up by God [or Goddess, or Source, or Divine, or the Universe] for our growth and healing...Every situation is a lesson in becoming who we are capable of being." ~Marianne Williamson in Everyday Grace
a wild snail
curled up
stuck to the side
of a very old grave marker
by the sea


sarah elwell said...

Oh how I love this. When I saw the title I thought you were creating a homeschooling curriculum for your children based on your spirituality ... but this quote, so much better, it reminded me of how my Mother is homeschooling me. :-)

mindy said...

thank you for this, katiebird. i love it, and it helped me this morning.

Peace Keep You said...

This thought and your photo~~beautiful reminders. Thank you.