Friday, August 26, 2011

not ordinary

my days are ordinary
to most and even to me
though no ones knows 
they are held over a magical fire to warm
to bubble
making me contain my love of what I'm doing just enough
to seem as though it is all normal
until someone says, "Sooo glad you are here!"
and my face cracks and I feel a tear welling up and I say,
"Ohhhhh, me, too!"


(pretty excited that I figured out how to make my photos so big)


sarah elwell said...

I'm really happy for your happiness :-)

The photos are stunning.

How are your children coping with going back to school?

katiebird said...

thank you, sarah :) My daughter is happy happy happy (but she's happy all the time) - my son isn't happy with much of anything lately, he's about as happy as he CAN be. So, I wouldn't say "coping", I'd say he is doing what our family needs him to do.

Kerri said...

'Ordinary' things are always the best and my most loved. I love how you have added Sarah to your list of wonderful writers. Very well deserved.