Tuesday, August 09, 2011

the planning


  • The chandelier is finally hanging in the schoolroom
  • I've finished painting the trim in there, too.
  • we ate two generous slices of homemade bread for breakfast
  • the jam I made was too sweet for all of us
  • a neighbor came to ask a favor
  • i am wearing a very light summer dress and feeling that the warmth is perfect
  • i put more cream than coffee in my cup
  • i'm working in my homeschool plan book
  • the children are playing badminton - an entire set given to them as a present
  • the neighbor finished putting up his hay
  • kitties brought us a dead vole {oh why}, thank you kitty.
  • i have overdue books
  • I felt fall in the air last night and this morning, but it turned right into summer about 8am again