Monday, August 01, 2011

precious summer days

We have been to the seashore
laughing and getting more wet than I'd planned
standing at the edge of our world here in Oregon
they went laughing to the edge and ran into it
and I was upset about them getting their clothes wet
what child wouldn't want to run into that glittering, roiling floor
despite what their mama's told them -
"do NOT get your clothes wet."
they got wet and laughed and laughed
I truly wish I'd kept my mouth shut and let them get wet from head to toe
I brought them back to earth when I pulled them away for dinner
it made me think later about what a magical world my children live in
When will I learn to be a child again?


sarah elwell said...

You are a child. You just have lots of layers on top of your child self. But its still in there. :-)

Lovely ocean. And the joy exudes from these pictures.

katiebird said...

I really think you are so right, Sarah. I have this stupid stupid practical Mother that likes to take over, like a tablecloth almost. I must learn to take it off at times when my children are playing and it really doesn't matter whether they get wet or not...not really.

Tibbie said...

I loved this post, and your photos and thoughts. I learn so much from my children about freedom, joy, peace, wonder, play, and life. It *is* magic.