Tuesday, September 06, 2011

deeply happy

my children had their first day of school today...my son's reaction?
"Mom, she is the best teacher ever, and when I say best, I mean BEST!"
My daughter said, "I really love love my teacher and also I have a new best friend!"
For me, there is nothing so deeply satisfying as seeing my children completely happy. I always feel that when things are good for them, I am good.

My first day with Kindergarteners is next Monday! Everything is coming together, and now I just need those little guys. This week is our "evaluation" week where we do some little tests and things with the kinders and then we can more easily make groupings for the three classrooms.

It is pretty hard to explain how happy I am. Probably "content" is a better word. I've been working so hard, and isn't always fun (really it is a widely held myth that just because it is your heart's work, somehow it should always be "fun" or you should always be smiling), but it is deeply satisfying. 

There have been times in the past few weeks where I look at my husband (SCORE!) and my children (DOUBLE SCORE!) and my farm (OH BLISS!) and then I realize that I'm friggin' teaching Kindergarten with other professionals and I just shake my head...there are no words - try to pretend that all of the words I've written down to try and express my feelings over everything lately are just not adequate enough and then you'll see that there truly are "no words"
These photos are of a Sunday night sky on a walk around our little farm. The sky was so wonderful looking because of forest fires (the forest fires are NOT so wonderful, but if there is a "golden" lining, it is in the sunsets)


sarah elwell said...

I am SO utterly, deeply happy for you all! You have brought a huge smile to me tonight.

Sea Angels said...

How absolutely fabulous and I can only echo Sarahs sentiments to you...so pleased for you so pleased
Love Lynn xxx