Friday, September 09, 2011

end of summer garden

artichokes - Eme's favorite ...okay, my favorite, too.

broom corn - to make brooms out of - are actually...err...brooming

 red flax - a plant that is amazing to me in many ways

 sunflower heads drying - so beautiful...we harvested our first four ears of corn was the sweetest corn we've ever had

love these sunflower heads

 sunflowers from Trader Joe's and my owls peeking out...fall is upon us

i love my scrubbed wooden table with sunflowers and primitive owls

favorite thing I've grown this year in my garden...Sweet Annie...nicest smelling herb I've EVER smelled...a chunk of it is hanging on my front door today to dry...

I took a photo of the sweet annie, and would you look at that arrow? there was a preying mantis hiding right in front of me. What a year for those! We've seen more in one summer than I've seen all together in my entire life...
nothing profound, just sharing today


sarah elwell said...

lovely photos, a luscious garden :-)

Christine Crocker said...

it is indeed a luscious garden and a soft, gentle and delicious life...
your garden is beautiful and those are the most perfect artichokes I have ever seen.

Garden of Rambles said...

Ah, the summer coming to a close - and love the mantis. Have to buy more to decorate my gardens with - didn't have an returnees this year.