Saturday, September 24, 2011

a letter to his teacher

I had the opportunity today to write a letter to my son's teacher. She asked for a letter about our children. Here was mine:

Dear Julie,
I really loved your idea of having parents write letters about their children. What a wonderful way to get to know your kiddos.
Ethan is my first born son. I had no idea how much I could love another person until he was born.
He is deeply thoughtful about life, and really always has been. He asks the big questions. He also asks the little questions. He asks lots of questions. He is interested in quiet, secret places like the barn loft, and how machinery works. He loves to take things apart and put them back together. He plays legos, saves money, rides his bike, takes photographs, loves camping and sleeping with kitty cats. He is fascinated by science, especially prisms and how light works.
My son’s responsibilities at home include taking out the garbage, unloading the dishwasher, keeping his room clean (which he is very good at) and is the sole caretaker of our 8 chickens. He is soft-hearted and hard-headed, which makes for interesting conversation at our house.
He had been saving up his money for months and months and eventually had $30, which he was being so careful with and thinking of the best thing to buy with it, when his dad’s birthday came up. His first thought was to get Dad a $20 gift card to Home Depot. That was all his own thought, and he was deeply excited about giving it to Daddy. Dad was all teared-up. He knew how long Ethan had saved that money and all the things he’d been thinking to buy with it, but to spend it on his Dad…wow. Really it didn’t surprise us that much, because that is EXACTLY the kind of boy he is. He said, “It isn’t THAT much you guys, I still have $10 for myself!” haha…
Ethan is a bossy older brother, and can really be a know-it-all at times. He is learning to keep his opinions to himself, and I’ve seen his inner struggle with it, and feel nothing but compassion, as I struggle with that myself. I tell him, “Honey, people don’t want to hear things like that. Unless you think someone will get hurt, just keep your opinions to yourself!” I fear it will be a life-long affliction for him.
He has always been interested in rocks and fossils, and anything to do with natural sciences. I can see him being a geologist, an archeologist, or a mechanical engineer. When he was little, he would bury things so he could dig them back up. Right this minute, he is wandering around the farm with the camera around his neck, taking thoughtfully angled photos of anything, but especially the cats.
Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my son! A parent’s dream is to have a captive audience so they can talk and talk and talk about their child. I love my son so much it hurts sometimes, so I appreciate knowing that he is well-cared for at school and that his teacher has a real interest to know who he is. Thank you!!
Katie Estvold 

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