Sunday, September 18, 2011

my own advice

"be transforming everyday - gentle - powerful - change - let it go - let it be"
"A Brilliance of Being - Kind - Unafraid - Joy - Warmth - Honesty - Non-reactive - Giving - Inner Beauty"

I came across an old journal from a year when I was feeling particularly artsy, and I had the best time just reading everything I'd written. I used much of what I learned that year in my book (my precious little baby book that I know might be hideous, and am well aware of how "freshman" it is, but would just die to hear anyone say an ill word against it) but thought I'd share my pictures with you today.

"Transform - Dream - Vision - Imagine - Create - Begin - Expand"

really love this one
"Sometimes change is TOUGH and it hurts"

this one makes me a bit weepy...what a hard time I'd been going through and I was "on the mend" - how happy I was beginning to feel.
This one is truly truly a breakthrough - I finally figured out who I was, deep down inside, and was ready to live the way I believed. It was like a wind went through me that cleaned me out. All the cobwebs were gone. I was ready to Live Out Who I Was.

the cover of that journal
one of the last pages...still true!
 For my birthday, my sweet friend D gave me this: a new, unlined (my FAVORITE!!!) journal! She remembered from sometime in the middle of summer that I had touched and admired this journal. The red is definitely ME, the leather is ME, the images are ME. LOVE LOVE LOVE this gift. And now I'm inspired to do more drawing in a journal.


sarah elwell said...

It was wonderful of you to share this! I wish you much creative joy with your new book :-)

katiebird said...

Thanks Sarah!