Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 "When we realize our mission is to love and forgive, we realize that every situation is an opportunity to do so. What we might see as a problem is looked at differently when we recognize that every event is part of a divine curriculum,
 set up by God [goddess, spirit, etc] for our growth and healing.
 "Sometimes our challenges in one area provide answers in another. A problem with a nasty neighbor becomes an opportunity to use our 
spiritual power,
 praying for someone as a way to resolve conflict.
 "Dealing with a difficult employee becomes an opportunity to work on
communicating compassionately,
without compromising our truth.
 "Having to make a difficult decision becomes an opportunity to
learning how to ask God [goddess, spirit, etc] for guidance.
"Every situation is a lesson in becoming who we are capable of being."
~Marianne Williamson, Everyday Grace

I do not like the idea of surrender. I've done that before to a person that everyone was telling me that "God" was. I didn't like it. In fact, I still balk at the idea of "surrender" - it sounds weak and narrow-minded.
But, I'm coming to understand a certain kind of surrender. The kind of surrender that I can understand. If I surrender to the Divine, I imagine myself coming before a Great Mother with my head held high saying, "Help me understand what I do not understand. Give me strengthened grace and unbreakable kindness. Stand with me today and fill me with your Peace." That I can understand, knowing that every moment there is a lesson I can learn to make me better. 
I can walk into the Goddess like an enveloping mist, letting her tendriled edges wrap themselves around me, supporting, uplifting, smiling, nudging, and ultimately believing I am always trying my best. When someone doesn't understand it, it is THEIR misunderstanding. 
Keep going forward, she whispers.
Keep your head up, she prods.
You are ready for this, she encourages.
You've got this, she smiles.
I surrender to her by listening and believing.


sarah elwell said...

I love the quote, and I love what you wrote. It's such an interesting way to look at things, and makes me want to sit a while and consider what my own thoughts on it might be. So thank you for that :-) You sound like such a strong woman.

Garden of Rambles said...

You always put into words exactly what I'm feeling.