Saturday, October 15, 2011

four poems for my farm

rusted out broom corn
torn and painted
tells a story of bird beaks
and worm bites
a washed out clinging mantis
of rough winds
and a life of purpose

a tiny bridge of experience
the little spider
traveled far and rough
over every spiney bit
finally arriving at the pinnacle
trailing behind it the lifeline
to get back home
much quicker this time

looking close at the ground this morning
i finally straighten up
and the hills and the leaves and the wood and the rocks
all suck up my breath
to make a mist
that hangs low and softens my  heart

sit and listen
to a long story of basil and lace
blooming and covering
and quietly making magic
in our fall garden
that sits washed and proud
full of purpose and beauty


there seems to be a theme for me this morning about beauty in purpose...not only this morning, but something I strive for in my life. Nothing truly is in my house that I don't find either beautiful or useful...truly.
straight out of the camera again today...which is another theme in my life.


sarah elwell said...

I love these words ... and the fact your photos here are straight out of the camera, and yet have such clarity and intensity - hats off to you. All round, a wonderful post.

Graciel said...

my god, but this is gorgeous!! the words, the straight out of the camera, and do you really live with such a beautiful view every day now?

you are blessed beyond words.

you inspire me.


Edgy Sisters said...

Ahh, Kaleidoscope Katie, how I revel in your words...
"hangs low and softens my heart"
"sits washed and proud"
"a story of bird beaks"
Mmmm, a full meal, you are! Thank you for this heaping soul serving, picture proud and word rich. All I ask is more and more, please.