Sunday, November 20, 2011

my winter morning

" Life purpose isn't what comes easiest,
but when I Integrate
my insides and find a 

"...between Helping too much & Helping too little, and when I learn to
as well as

"...I manifest an inherent ability to create extraordinary forms of
Service &
~adapted from The Life You Were Born To Live~

I've been trying to figure this out. I pull out my journal every day now to read over this. After last week, things are really beginning to come clear. 
Think about that: extraordinary forms of Meaning. wow...what does it mean? I'm having trouble bringing it down from the airy clouds above my head and into my real life. 
However, if it is as simple as seeing LIFE from other points of view, that has made me sit back on my heels. It has created an "extraordinary form" of meaning, making my life more full. It has made me stronger. Hearing kind words from someone who sees life almost in a complete opposite as I do, brings beauty and inspiration. My heart grew stronger when I was given permission to stand up for myself...there is an amazing beauty and sweetness about life in that kind of gift.


Graciel said...

amen to all of this, dear katie.

all of this.

sarah elwell said...

Such beautiful pictures ... I have been thinking of you lately, wondering how you were, hoping life has been blissful for you.

Sea Angels said...

There you go, making me think again......your pictures are so calm and beautiful such peace
Hugs Lynn xxx

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Holy moly Katie...your words: "Hearing kind words from someone who sees life almost in a complete opposite as I do, brings beauty and inspiration" did it for me my friend.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you shared those exact words with me today. I needed them badly to see clear that even when you have some one opposit at you in all your being it doens't need to mean bad. You ALWAYS are able to see and find somethings positive out of it. valuable!
Have a fab day for you and yours.
Oh and the pics are as always magnificent.
Hugs Dagmar