Sunday, December 11, 2011


 Moonrise over our farm
the Lady Awakens

 Sunset beyond our farm
the Lord Sleeps

This sunset makes me long to open our Winter Solstice Wish Box we made last year...
my kids have already been asking when we can see how our wishes came out, and when can we make new ones? Hooray for wishes and dreams that we hold together as a family.
My life is as stark as the trees and hills and as soft as the plums and peaches and indigos in the sky.

I have this urge to write today: I am home, I am home, I am home.
And in my home I am all that I believe I can be, with all the failings and misgivings and needs for improvement, I accept me as all I can be. I'm doing my best for everyone, knowing it is not, will not ever, be everything for them, but even in my failings, perhaps I teach my children something: that we are not everything, but we can always try.


sarah elwell said...

Oh how I love it when you write here. I love that there is someone who believes the same as me, who sees in similar ways. I also love love love the idea of the wish box! I am going to do this is my own home. Thank you for the beautiful idea.

I am so glad you have your home. xx

Sea Angels said...

I love the idea of a Solstice box, I shall have to do that this year xx
The pictures of your farm are really beautiful, and I can only imagine how immense it must feel to just be stood there, looking at that beauty thinking of life.Listening to your wise words in my mind...we can only try to be..but like they say, that is the journey and if it is the best we can make it, then that must be enough for us for now..
Lynn xx

a happy girl :) said...

Hellos! You take the most breathtaking photos :) Thank you for sharing. Very, very enjoyable especially when they are accompanied with your thoughts that are often full of love, warmth and hope!

It makes me feel that it must be such a privilege to be so close to nature, both physically and spiritually :) You must be a beautiful, beautiful person!

Merry (early) Christmas!! :)