Saturday, February 04, 2012


I had this plan of writing something beautiful today
because my morning was beautiful. I thought to myself, "Something that smacks of floating, frozen laces and rusty hinges...ahhh, yes."
There was a white fog, close to the house, and everything was covered in the frozen bits it left behind. It was simply beautiful.
But, my life isn't really what you'd call 'beautiful" right now. In fact, I haven't had time for a haircut or color for two months now, my eyebrows need plucking, I find myself grouching at grouchy kids more and more often, there is no time for friends, I've scheduled cuddle time with my husband (literally), I'm reading books about how to focus on reading instruction and we eat out about twice a week.
Now, that does not mean we are unhappy...things are just not beautiful right now.
I have no words to compliment the beautiful morning...
but I realize that I don't have to.
 My home contains it for me. 
I can't seem to stop for Beauty, so Beauty stops for me (how Emily Dickinson of me).
I feel allowed to just soak it in and appreciate it without having the words.
I am profoundly, unutterably grateful for this home of mine that gives me just exactly what my soul needs, no strings attached, every single day.


sarah said...

I have missed you :-) These photos are like ... I'm tired, so if I just say they're really good, and I've missed them like I've missed you, will you see the wished-for eloquence?

Your life sounds beautiful to me. It sounds like you are doing things more important than hair dye. That you love your husband enough to ensure you get time with him. That you care so much about nourishing your family that you take them out to dinner so they are well-fed amongst the busyness.

May you always know you are blessed.

Christine Crocker said...

such a beautiful world outside your farmhouse very blessed you know what is most important and those things come and your love for one another...
take this quiet frost as your cue to rest...all is well and as it should be.
it is much the same outside our windows.

katiebird said...

@Sarah- I hear you...that is exactly what I mean :) so good to hear from you. I read your words everyday, and it is truly like a balm. Calming, beautiful and needed.

@Mom - so true, ma. I wish I could remember that more often. What is funny is that my little daily cards I look at said, "Listen to your body and do what it is asking." It is asking for me to stop being so stressed out and just let it go. I can't possibly do it all. How do I wrap my perfectionism around that? How do I learn to be calm?

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohhh how I would love to stop and have a pause with you. And feel like Emily D. Great great shot my friend.
Wonderful hugs. Dagmar