Tuesday, April 17, 2012


      lilac buds are everywhere
      willow leaves are bright shocking green again this year
      baby pigs
            she is a cuddler
             she loves to play fetch
            she kisses with the flat of her nose
             she follows all four of us everywhere
             she buries bones and digs them back up
             she doesn't give a snit about cats, unless they look at her bones
            she is SO easy to love
      my son being responsible/me being hands-off
      play dates
      learning to say less
      learning when to say more
      learning to tell people the hard things with kindness and professionalism
      giving up guilt
      garden plans
      bright pink fingernails
      being myself completely at work
      knowing I'm capable of all the things they ask of me
               being in awe of that realization
                       being scared of that realization
      not panicking about my job in light of the financial woes our state is having
      letting go of a perfection I never had anyway
      2nd Season of Game of Thrones
      made a list of old graveyards I can visit
      feeling the weight of negative people even though I do not choose to see them...though it isn't new, it is something that has come back around to me again...


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Meeka (it turns out she likes to be called the name she was born with) is such a sweet girl. She is happy and curious, loving and cuddly. 
We just brought her home today after having played with her for a few days before we finally brought her home. The kitties are awfully curious, but are now sleeping in the same room with her...cautiously. Meeka is a little afraid of the kitties, and just avoids them right now.
The kids are terribly smitten...Ethan has said twice, "I have my own dog. She's my dog."
We decided the kids had to clean their rooms up really well before Meeka could even go in them...she eats the little things she finds on the floor.
We love her already :)

Sunday, April 08, 2012


Celebrating the rebirth of the soil and the abundance of the Earth today by watching our children eat sugar...I know that sounds sarcastic, but I celebrate watching my children in their ultimate bliss.
My daughter got to wear a flippy little dress with flowers in her braid - she said, "Mommy, when you put those flowers in my hair, I just feel like it is the best day."
My son followed really hard clues to find each egg in a very creative Easter Egg Hunt.
They colored eggs, and iced sugar cookie ornaments. They cuddled under quilts with chicks in their cupped hands and watched funny cartoons. They were free to pick candies from their Easter baskets all day long.
I celebrated by watching their happiness. I watched them sharing with their little cousin, cuddling her in their laps. Listening to my daughter sing a very long song about how much she loves Easter, but not as much as Christmas. My son's laughter rose up through the trees.  I scooped up some of my own chicks for loves and pet doggies out in the Spring air. I ate ham and potatoes, strawberries and pineapple. It is the simple things that I celebrate, including the abundance that my children exude when all is right in their worlds.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

rain & fog

 I sat down to "process" this photo, and didn't find anything looked better than it already did...Straight out of the Camera...I didn't crop it either, as I quite liked how this was framed up, the pipe's angle making your eye go up to the tree on the right, and the movement of the clouds dragging our eye back to the heavy barn, and back up through the pipe...quite nice, quite nice.
 I "lomo'd" this one up a bit, though...it just felt better, more dramatic this way.
this one was straight out of the camera, too...no cropping...
I noticed that two photos I took before this one I had tipped the camera up quite a bit, and the sun just flared everything up into an indistinguishable mass of lit-up cloud-like wonders...I tipped it down just a bit, and there it was, just as I was seeing it with my eyes...gorgeous.

Sunday, April 01, 2012


Of course I wanted to wait until I had great pictures of her before I said anything, but we are getting an older dog, named Micah! She is a chocolate lab, who is 6 years old. She has had 4 litters of puppies from a reputable breeder, and is now going into "retirement". She is going to come home to us in another week, as her puppies are now weaned! How funny, that we've been trying to find an old rescue dog to take care of, and nothing has presented itself until now...and she isn't necessarily what you'd call a "rescue dog". But we all feel really good about giving her (and ourselves) the best life with us here at our little farm. We keep talking about how "Micah would be with us right now" while we are taking car trips. We've figured out the best place for her outdoor yard while we are at school, and are excited about finding her a nice dog house during the day.
She'll sleep in our son's room (so of course she needs a nice new bed!), and she'll be everywhere we are while we are at home. We've bought her a new leash and collar in a beautiful bronzey-orange color that we think will look wonderful on her chocolate coat.
She is going to add so much to our lives, and we are all really excited about this new addition to our family :)  Dogs are so darn photogenic, and I can't wait to add her into my farm pictures!