Sunday, April 01, 2012


Of course I wanted to wait until I had great pictures of her before I said anything, but we are getting an older dog, named Micah! She is a chocolate lab, who is 6 years old. She has had 4 litters of puppies from a reputable breeder, and is now going into "retirement". She is going to come home to us in another week, as her puppies are now weaned! How funny, that we've been trying to find an old rescue dog to take care of, and nothing has presented itself until now...and she isn't necessarily what you'd call a "rescue dog". But we all feel really good about giving her (and ourselves) the best life with us here at our little farm. We keep talking about how "Micah would be with us right now" while we are taking car trips. We've figured out the best place for her outdoor yard while we are at school, and are excited about finding her a nice dog house during the day.
She'll sleep in our son's room (so of course she needs a nice new bed!), and she'll be everywhere we are while we are at home. We've bought her a new leash and collar in a beautiful bronzey-orange color that we think will look wonderful on her chocolate coat.
She is going to add so much to our lives, and we are all really excited about this new addition to our family :)  Dogs are so darn photogenic, and I can't wait to add her into my farm pictures!


sarah said...

How exciting for all of you, including Micah! Having a dog in the family is so wonderful. :-)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

How exciting about your new addition!! I'll look forward to seeing pictures of her!!

By the way, you're opening your heart and home to Micah at a time when she needs someone the most--That sounds like 'a rescue' to me!! :-)

katiebird said...

@ Kim - apparently her name is pronounced "meekah", and you are right - when our family went to pick her up for us, they found her toenails looked like they'd never been taken care of, she stunk to high heaven, was skinny as a rail and didn't mind a titch about leaving her only "home" to go with them. I think we might have had a kind of rescue after all. She's been an attention hog, just the way we like! can't wait to get her all the way to OUR home!

katiebird said...

**I think we should take a vote on Micah or Meekah...I rather like Micah better. The word Micah comes from the latin, micare, which means "to shine, or glisten", just like the rock (mineral?) micah. I like that much better...but here name is her name...we'll have to think about this a bit **