Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Meeka (it turns out she likes to be called the name she was born with) is such a sweet girl. She is happy and curious, loving and cuddly. 
We just brought her home today after having played with her for a few days before we finally brought her home. The kitties are awfully curious, but are now sleeping in the same room with her...cautiously. Meeka is a little afraid of the kitties, and just avoids them right now.
The kids are terribly smitten...Ethan has said twice, "I have my own dog. She's my dog."
We decided the kids had to clean their rooms up really well before Meeka could even go in them...she eats the little things she finds on the floor.
We love her already :)

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sarah said...

she's beautiful! so sleek and shiny. congratulations :-)