Wednesday, April 04, 2012

rain & fog

 I sat down to "process" this photo, and didn't find anything looked better than it already did...Straight out of the Camera...I didn't crop it either, as I quite liked how this was framed up, the pipe's angle making your eye go up to the tree on the right, and the movement of the clouds dragging our eye back to the heavy barn, and back up through the pipe...quite nice, quite nice.
 I "lomo'd" this one up a bit, just felt better, more dramatic this way.
this one was straight out of the camera, cropping...
I noticed that two photos I took before this one I had tipped the camera up quite a bit, and the sun just flared everything up into an indistinguishable mass of lit-up cloud-like wonders...I tipped it down just a bit, and there it was, just as I was seeing it with my eyes...gorgeous.

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