Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beautiful Things

 18th century hand work --- I'm so inspired by the colors and textures

 a lake in New Hampshire --- it was actually a very warm, torrentially rainy day, that had a soft ending

 the simple designs of the 18th century from Old Sturbridge Village, CT

~~I'm going to scrub "the shiny" off of my farmhouse table and bring it down to the real wood. I've just hung my old washboards on my kitchen wall, and am very please about it...ahhhh, the simple things~~

 Old Sturbridge Village --- pottery --- be still my heart
~~I'm always on the lookout for good pottery~~

 a lovely rooster --- what a handsome fellow
~~two of our little banties we got in Spring turned out to be ROOSTERS! I love it. I've named one of them Worcster...but I need a very DICKENS sort of name for the other one...they are the tiniest little things...I love hearing them learn to crow~~


On my list this summer:

painting the house on the outside
paint the barn
get my application ready for another job next fall
caring for my roses
getting rid of anything we didn't put in the house from the move last year
resurrecting the old fireplace
QUALITY time with my children


sarah said...

beautiful indeed :-)


Penelope's Beehive said...

Lovely! Wishing you the joy of simple pleasures.