Monday, August 27, 2012

chickens and laces

Big Mama
She is an Australorp
She is an amazingly big hen - and I love her.
I raised her from a chick and had no idea what an Australorp was (she is an Australian breed that is a mix with an Orpington - I also have Buff Orpingtons, which are lovey little birdies, too - read more about her here.)
She is very old, for a chicken...she is 5. Now, chickens CAN live to be 15, even 20 years old, but I imagine that these are chickens who do not have to try and outrun a skunk or a racoon now and again.
As chickens get older, they dramatically stop laying eggs, but I LOVE her, so I don't care if she can give me eggs anymore. She has done her bit. She loves me to pick her up, and will even lean into me with her eyes closed. She is huge...have I mentioned that.
One day, when she was finally "all growed up" and as big as she was gonna get, I saw my daughter carrying something as big as she was. I thought it was a little dog! Then I saw that she had Big Mama in her arms. Big Mama wasn't flapping, she was looking worried, but she just let my little bitty girl carry her around.
I love that chicken.

 I think laces go well with chickens...I am seriously thinking about making lacey curtains for my little chicken family. Have I mentioned my little Banty Rooster yet? I need to get a good photo of him - he has a little brother who tries to be a rooster too, but the two of them love to be held. Worcester (which is OF COURSE himself's name) is an amazing little man. He is full of himself, as any good rooster should be. He did go through a naughty phase where he would peck the crap out of my wrists when I tried to pick him up, but he got over it. 
My daughter picked him up the other day and was rubbing under his beak - they have a little soft skin part under their beaks - and Worcester closed his eyes and put his head down. They are all little chicks at heart.
I told my neighbor about my old chicken and my naughty little rooster and he asked when I was going to put them in the stew pot. I said, "Oh no! I just like the eggs. I don't eat my chickens." He gave me that look like you would if you met a child who hoarded candy but never ate any of it. 

What I am really beginning to realize is that I love chickens for pets, and I want to put lace in their house. It means something about who I am.  
Today I was reminded that I am enough. Exactly who I am, is enough. If I ever try to go somewhere that doesn't accept my "enough", I don't belong there.

This comes back to me over and over again:
"Be who you are and say what you feel
because those who matter don't mind
and those who mind, don't matter.
~Dr. Suess

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