Thursday, August 16, 2012

My "Anxious" Shawl

 This is the shawl I made while I was letting my son be a 4-H-er
It was a good lesson for both of being more hands-off and letting him make his own mistakes
AND letting him take more control of what he was responsible for.
 However it was hard on me, so I had to keep busy. 
I made this BEAUTIFUL, LUSCIOUS shawl for myself. I used one skein of each different color of Lion Brand's "Amazing" yarn that I could get my hand on.
they have names like, "Strawberry Fields", "Constellation", "Glacier Bay", "Wildflowers" and "Violets"

 I made up the pattern as I went along, which was so freeing and fun. I love the lacey edging I gave it, too.
I wore it to the beach this last week, and it proved to do its job, too!


sarah said...

So colourful! :-) What is a 4-Her?

By the way, it's most peculiar, although not a problem - your posts always appear twice in my google reader. I wonder if you have two sites?

katiebird said...

Oh yes! A 4-H kid does these sorts of things:
The 4 - H's are these: Hands, Heart, Health, Head.
This is their pledge:
My son raised a market hog this year and showed it at our county fair. It takes a LOT Of love and responsibility on his part. He has to abide by the highest ethical standards in raising an animal. There are so many responsibilities that he MUST do on his own. We learned a lot together this summer :)

I do not know why it comes up twice on the one from "Bizarro Land" and says all the opposite, wrong things? :)

Madcap said...

Your shawl is GORGEOUS! I love the colours!