Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the realities

So living on a farm in the country...doesn't that sound so wonderful and serene and restful? Well, that is about 10% of the time. The other 90% is spent fixing things that broke.
We have a home that was built in 1948. The irrigation pipe is at least from 1948 as well. 
It is crooked and leaky and the sprinkler heads pop off at least once a week, sending spray everywhere, but where you want it. 
We share a well with the neighbor and at least once a week, we have to reprime the pump because one or the other of us has "maxed out the pump" by *gasp* doing laundry and dishes and a shower at the E-X-A-C-T same time. 
The chickens will get out of a tiny spot in the back of their run, or the dog will get into the chicken coop and eat eggs, or the pig will break his house again, or the hose will get left on and make "Lake Bacon" in his pen, or the Septic Pump Guy will back over your lawn sprinklers on his way to pumping out your septic because one of those sprinkler heads popped off again in the middle of the night, and it flooded the septic tank and there is "standing water" on top of the septic tank that smells like something from the far side of a parking lot of a rodeo.
The other day, I was trying to put one of those shower/tub splash guards up in our bathroom, and I found out that the wall behind the trim was soft enough I could've taken it out with a spoon, so I kept going until I'd taken out a chunk of wall that was about a 12" x 5" and found a bit of black mold behind there- my husband is fixing that right now - 
We still do not have cold water in the bathroom sink because the plumbing is so old on the cold water side, my husband has to figure out a different way to make the connection to the new sink. The old sink was, literally, from the 1950s, and while it was very vintage, it wasn't good vintage.
We make-do with just about everything around here - just need some baling wire to fix this, or prop that up with this, or hold it closed with that - I love what we do.
Our house (barn, hay shed, chicken coop, bunkhouse, ...) is not square, it is not new or flashy or even a little bit showy...
but it is ours. We own this home. We've lovingly painted its gray brick a creamy white, and planted flowers in front of it. It stands tall and tries oh so hard to be a solid, stable home. I am proud of what we've done, and what we continue to do.
Though it is hard, continuous work (heck we loaded and then stacked our own grass hay this year - by HAND - almost 2 tons!) but it is the most satisfying work I've ever done.


sarah said...

I am so happy for you :-) And the odd thing is that you express the grim reality so well, and yet make it seem not grim at all but a beatiful adventure full of love & laughter.

katiebird said...

Thank you so much, Sarah :) I love hearing from you!