Tuesday, September 04, 2012

flowers and feathers

 i love that this journal is all about me
i get to be selfish and talk all about me if i want to

i get to put up pictures of myself and say
i am beautiful

 i am a soft chair for my children
i am a warm neck for this sweet kitten who is sleeping right now
i am the kind of woman who puts flowers and feathers in her hair because she accepts the gifts that nature gives her
i have a sensitive heart that leaps at the slightest things - the blue of a rushing river, the narrowness of a footpath, a perfect duck feather laying on an ancient rock
i am a human being with sadnesses and foibles, the need for understanding and sweetness
i expect others to act like human beings, and am profoundly disappointed when they do not

do i have to learn to accept this?
can i accept that much of the world does not operate with kindness and sensitivity?
how do i hide this heart away from hurt?
i need to be a part of things that fly with soft grey wings
i need to be a part of things that grow and blossom in a gentle sun


sarah said...

beautiful & you bring wonder to my heart, that you have written such things, the bravest & most important love of all.

katiebird said...

Thank you Sarah. So much.

Sea Angels said...

Lovely katie..yes this is your journal...a wonderful..magical journal..that shouts..and smiles and washes our glass pages with all that is good and precious..such a valuable journal such a precious and meaningful life.

Christine Crocker said...

my beautiful girl~
love you,ma