Wednesday, September 05, 2012


This last year, we were asked to read a book called Focus, by Mike Schmoker for work
It had a lot of yadda yadda yadda, BUT it made a very short point that I felt was all I needed to get the idea.
The author pointed out that the hedgehog has avoided extinction because it can do ONE THING really well: it rolls into a ball when predators appear. The little spines on the hedgehog deter other animals from grabbing and eating. A hedgehog snuffles along, picking out slugs, grubs, snails, things like that (look at this ridiculously cute photo of a hedgehog) and then will suddenly roll into a rather intimidating looking ball of pokies to keep from being eaten. It does one thing really well. 
The fox, however, is rarely successful in her outings. The fox is truly wiley, always thinking ahead and trying out too many plans at once. If the fox would only think of one thing, and stick with it, she would be so much more successful in grabbing her dinners.
The lesson, then, was to be a hedgehog, not a fox, when teaching. You don't have to know or use all the different types of teaching there are, just do simple teaching really well. Hone your craft. Be the hedgehog.

that resonated with me
so i bought a little stuffed hedgehog and kept it on my desk at school
BE the hedgehog

and so, keeping this all in mind, will you not look at this wonderful, fantastical piece of art
Hotchiwitchi is AMAZING.
I think I must have for my birthday.


sarah said...

Be the hedgehog. I like that for a motto! :-)

Christine Crocker said...

what a lovely writer you are~