Wednesday, August 12, 2015


An empty pigpen was worrisome tonight at dinnertime. I saw pig toys: two bowling balls, an old basketball, a blue pail and a very large stick. I also saw an empty house in the foreground.

I called out, "Piggy piggy piggy!?!? Pig pig pig??!" I heard a chorus of grunts from behind the little red house in the back of the pen. "We're back here, but we don't want you to see us right now! Just go away and come back in the morning for breakfast!"

Uh oh...

The red house in the background is the chickens' new "summer home". It was a pig house until two days ago, but Emma and I nailed up small boards to close the gaps on the door, and opened the back of the pig house, which shares a wall with the chicken run. I wanted my chickens to STAY in their home for now, but they needed more room, so I adjusted...apparently, the pigs did not adjust.

Those tricky pigs had chewed off the small boards we had nailed on, and found that their incredible chewing techniques and snouting opened the door. Oh magical day!

Here they are, ashamed of themselves (nope) in the chicken run. It was quite fun, and they all came to the outside door to tell me so with very cheeky grunts.

I'd like to tell you their names. I call the one on the far left "Mostly-Naughty". The one in the middle is named "Also-Naughty". The one in the background is "Slightly-ashamed-but-still-Naughty", and the one on the far right is "Still- Naughty". On a good day, we call them Knick-Knack, Jo-Jo, Trinket and Sue-Sue...but not today.



Christine Crocker said...

having fun...did they have fairy wands and witch grass casually tucked behind their ears like we do when out for an adventure and frolic ?

I can't believe they took nailed boards down with their teeth!

Becky said...

Love this- I do hope to actually meet you someday also! B