Monday, August 10, 2015

pigs, ponds and witchgrass

Feeding pigs is tricky work. All four of them want to be fed first and only and now. This means a series of four small piles to keep them occupied while I fill their real pans along the fence.
I love their appreciative grunts and happy eyes when they are eating. I scratch ears and talk to them. They look up at me and nod their big heads. Pigs are amazing.
In the chilly air this morning, after feeding tricky pigs, I brought the wheelbarrow full of the lilac branches I'd trimmed from the front lilac yesterday to tip onto the burn pile. I stopped to take a look at our pond, and I realized how wonderful it was.
The quiet water is surrounded by so much plant and animal life. I decided to sit still and listen to what it wanted to show me: little frogs dipping and plopping here and there, boatman rising and rowing to the surface, a band of gnats up to no good, one lone large fly braving it, cattails, giant globes of red clover, pond weed, a stand of rushes, chickweed, dandelion, knap weed, witch grass and who-knows-what-else. Witch grass is what my mama always called "fairy wand" and we would pick them and wave them, place them in our hair and generally feel that we'd been blessed by the little plant. Seeing life through a witch grass fairy wand is essential.


Edgy Sisters said...

Mmm...such evocative descriptions. I hum with your words.

sarah said...

i love witchgrass. and i've always thought it must be wonderful keeping pigs.