Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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I'm a story writer. I didn't just play with my dolls, I made stories for them. Barbie was an artist who showed her works in a gallery where the the gallery owner often sold her work for more than she'd asked and would pocket the rest of the money. Sometimes Barbie was a pioneer woman who had a mercantile. She would often let many of the people buy on credit during the farming season, as she knew that they would pay up when the harvest came.

I have never...never...never finished a story that I've written. Never. I just had an idea from beginning to end and I did it.

Hidden is the story of a girl who grows up to rescue herself, just to find out that she's always been being rescued by everyone she loves.

I truly hope you enjoy reading it, and that, somehow, it resonates. My dream is that every single person who reads my stories can say, at least once, "I get that. I totally understand how that feels." Finding ways to make connections with other people, no matter how small, is deeply satisfying. ENJOY!

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sarah said...

Congratulations! So happy for you <3