About Katie

I am the pocket of lint and willow leaves
I am the hard-pulled chicken doors
and the long grasses
torn off and carried 
I am the eye for tiny-growing 
and fragile-feathered things
I am the ear for secret whispered words
and the dropping of things in far-off and seldom used rooms of old houses
I am the one who went away into the woode
and came home again
I teach but love learning more
I have a little girl with a heart of gold
and a sparkling son who fills me with pride
I've been with a man for 23 years
who still gives me butterflies
We live on one little farm
with 4 chickens
10 chicks
one rooster
three cats
and two dogs
in rural central oregon
In all of my free time, I read.
I write.
I learn.