paperback and Kindle edition


Finer Things: A Collection of Poetry & Photographs
28 page paperback with full color photos - 8" x 5"


Elemental Grace: A Collection of Poetry & Photographs
36 paperback pages with full-color photos - 8" x 5"


Who Am I, Really? Finding Yourself Along Life's Pathway
284 page paperback/workbook - 9"x 6"
Each of these thoughts and activities are the result of the many years I've spent in wandering through the depths of my soul looking for someone I'd never seen before: me.
I've compiled here the activities and thoughts that proved to bring me the most peace and greatest insight as I struggled to find myself. I pray, oh so fervently, that this book touches your heart and brings you closer to yourself.
So, now take a deep breath, clean your body with sage smoke, cross yourself and say a prayer, meditate - whatever you need to do to pluck up the courage - and stare into the inner room of your heart with this question on your lips, "Who am I, really?"